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Rd28 crank repair kit / upgrade $1050

Has your rd28 balancer spun off ? Is your keyway slot damaged ?

We have the kit here to help you !

What’s included.

Genuine Nissan crank gear ( supplied and modified with dowels )
Genuine Nissan belt guide
Genuine Nissan crank bolt ( not in photo )
Genuine Nissan crank bolt washer
Genuine Nissan keyways
Harmonic balancer ( modified to suit our custom crank gear)
2 locations dowels

How the kit works

If your keyway is damaged and will no longer locate your balancer properly , our kit uses the crank gear that is on a keyway to locate the balancer using 2 locating dowels.

If you have not damaged your crank and you simply want to upgrade you can still use your original key to locate the balancer and have 2 extra dowels securing it.

This kit will save your engine from needing a new crank, we have fitted over 10 of these over the past year without any issues !

Gold Coast Patrols & Mechanical

Additional information

Weight 7000 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm
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